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Newstores is a service that delivers information about stores that have just opened, been refurbished or remodeled. It analyses what this means for the market and where it points in terms of trends and the direction that retail is taking.

Newstores provides a global eye on what’s happening, from Seoul to Southampton, Minnesota to Manchester. If you are looking at what to do with your store portfolio, this is an invaluable tool.

The service is also backed by four annual trend reports, detailing the major moves as far as stores are concerned and what’s coming up. Retail is the business of knowing what’s around the corner. Newstores is about making informed decisions, offering options and eliminating some of the risk from the business of keeping your estate relevant and making sure that shoppers come back.


The service is daily, simple and quickly digested for those who need a rapid stores briefing:


Additional services:

Newstores is compiled, edited and written by John Ryan, a retailer and journalist with more than 30 years experience across all sectors, from food to fashion. With a background in buying and with a long track record in magazines such as Retail Week, Drapers, VMSD and Stores + Shops, he has access to sources and retailers across the world. For a ‘taster’ of the kind of stores that will make the cut, please visit @newstores, his Twitter feed.


John Ryan

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